xfm is a simple fm synthetizer

xfm is based on xfm~ (creb) external
It works on cross frequency modulation using this formulas
freq_osc1 = freq1 + wave_out2 x feedback1
freq_osc2 = freq2 + wave_out1 x feedback2
remark that all frequencies are warped (f_real = arctan(2pi x f_in)/2pi)
xfm has two jamx sequencers for control the frequencies of the two fm oscillators.
One jamx sequencer is used also for control all the envelope parameters, the glide, and the feedbacks of the two oscillators.
All the parameters can be unlinked by the sequencer for hand-controlling (jammed toggles)
The envelope type is linear
The mode switch set the synth in square phasor (chaotic 4DOF) mode (switch unchecked) or in circular phasor (quasiperiodic 2DOF) mode (switch checked)

for a more detailed description of jamx, see:

**usefull with:**
master *masterclock* (necessary)
mx *mixer*

**download:** (incl. jamx -> needs xfm~ (creb libs)!!)
xfm.pd version 1.0.5

patch added by dondo (2006)