wishes or planned changes. please add new desired features for netpd, netpd-patches or anything netpd-related.


visualize if somebody is in P(rivate) mode. we could mark the [M]? button in an other color.


plugins for sequncer(s): Harmonic transposer.

For example: a pattern editor doing harmonic transpose on another jamx designed for long lasting patterns.


Controls the position of notes. Could be interactive.

eerne: harmonic control sounds simple and very useful. the synth would have to support polyphony though. either this could be built in the synth directly, in an abstraction between the synth and jamx or an other jamx that supports harmonics. (harmonic-jam.pd or j-harm.pd jamic.pd or whatever.)


Chat, always on top.

Maestro A view of the timeline. The progress of the song follows the timeline using the Master.

Synchronized events to be followed by the participants would be inserted.

It should display the bars and snap. - Insert textmessages to the performers "Calm down before the take-off." "E-sus" - Draw lines on the timeline. "Intensity" - A virtual conductor puppet commands

Alternate view showing what is currently the maestros wish. Ie. bars indicating the value of lines or messages with/countdown.

This program would not generate any sound.


sync to external hardware - midi clock in/out

qseq2 - accessibility enhancement

allow the instrument list to be used at the same time by other sequencers - see also connectivity

allow patterns to be turned off/on via keyboard control and be able to assign multiple patterns to sw on/off with a single key stroke


missing print and mute function

chat, creator and [logview]?

would be nice if the files were write protected by default. it's too easy to mess them up accidently.


dc-offset adjusting function


eerne: editing different pages is possible at the same time with the pages/view numbers and repeat/offset.



sync stop and numberbox*16th to record loops with accurate length.

creator [pd abslist]

would be nice to use abslist in abstractions. some abstractions are using other abstractions or sometimes there is a big patch where an abstractions could be used as editable file for user changes.

implemented since creator v1.4.3
comment by roman