The Swarm modular synthetizer

The Swarm is an AM FM PM modular synthetizer! It produce, like an analogue synth, an incredible realistic warm, fat, acid sound!
It's composed by 3 oscillators, 3 filters, a trapezioidal wave generator modulable.
every oscillator is composed by 3 sawtooth or 3 sine-wave components, controllable by phase and amplitude.
So you can create a pure sawtooth, pure square-wave, and any kind of trapezioidal waves assembling 3 oscillators. Moreover you can assemble mixed sawtooth and sinewaves to create strange warm waveforms.
One filter section is composed by a bandpass resonant filter serially connected with a 1-pole lowpass filter or 1-pole highpass filter carefully simulated!
I do not provide e real help because all the parameters used in the machine are very standard for a synth and well labeled, so a guide to any modular synth can help you to use it!
This machine also provides 3 scopes to better understand what are you doing with the wave!
The swarm use jamx as sequencer and pad as presets manager.
It don't need any external only iemlibs used by jamx and pad.
All the parameters in the synth are midi controllable. Using the midi switch, provided by the machine, you can activate/deactivate the midi implementation chart, where there is the table of control-change assignements for all the parameters.
The sequencer parameter used in jamx it's the midi-velocity.
Enjoy The Swarm!!!

for a more detailed description of jamx, see:

for a more detailed description of pad, see:

usefull with:
master masterclock (necessary)
mx mixer

download: the-swarm.pd version 1.0.0 - with midi bugs!!! the-swarm.pd version 1.0.1 RC final version

patch added by dondo (2006) - fixed (2007)