samuel brought me to a simple, but interesting idea about how to use presets in a more flexible way. imagine you have two pretty cool presets of a polyphonic synth, but now you would like to use the filtersettings of presset1 and the pitchsettings of preset2. but if you load preset2, you will also overwrite the filtersettings, that you wanted to keep. you need a third preset in this case. now, if you want to store the pitchsettings of preset1 and the filtersettings of preset2, you need to create a seperate preset again. now we have four different presets, although some sections of these are identical.

using presets this way may cause an overhead that is not necessary. a more elegant solution is, to split the interesting parts of a preset, and save them all as separate .pst-files. like this, you can have some presets only for the filtersettings, others only for the pitchsettings and you are free to combine them as you like to. especially for patches with different, rather separate sections, using splitted presets makes a lot of sense, IMO.

have a look at data. in an other (simpler) way you could use two netpd-x with different id for example $0 and $0-b. lets imagine bassist would be built this way and there is a separate netpd-x for the sequencer abstraction and one for the bassist setings. this could be a way to save separate pst. an step further is to make the pst compatible, that the pst of bassist's sequencer would be compatible with the pst of gold's. that's theoretically possible with data but I havent tried yet...
not yet!

by the way isn't this a topic for the ?