Getting started

Open main.pd in Pure Data (vanilla) or if you are using the netpd bundle click on the app.
The NetPd? 'chat' window will appear - click unpatch.
You can now add instruments by clicking the box at the top left of the 'unpatch' panel.

If you have started a session on your own:

add a master object - this will provide a clock for all your sequencers.
add an mx mixer so that you can fade instruments up and down.
add some instruments: start with something simple like sine, a fairly basic synth.
Click on 'master' in the instrument list to open the panel. Click on the word 'MASTER' to set the clock going. You can also adjust the tempo here.
Click on 'sine' and launch the first 'unstep' sequencer. Add a few notes. You should be able to hear them being played, if not check that dsp is launched in Pure Data and that there is an audio out set in the PD preferences.

If you find you have joined an active session:

click on the instrument names in the 'unpatch' panel to see what is being used. The 'mx' mixer will give you an overview of what is going on.
Use the 'chat' window to say 'hi!', ask questions, get help...