you must be aware that qseq2 will send only bang-messages to your instrument. maybe not all instruments are suitable to be sequenced by qseq2.

making your instrument controllable by qseq is quite easy. qseq2 only wants to know which intrument should be controlled by it.

put the following code into your intrument:

[s qseq.listbang]
[r qseq.getlist] | [intr1, instr2, instr3, instr4 ..( | [s qseq.list]

then you need to put [r instr1], [r instr2] ... into your patch. that is where qseq2 sends the bang-messages to. replace intr1, instr2 ... by names of your choice. these names also appear in the instrument selector of qseq2.

when everything is done, qseq2 will recognize your patch, when you open it, and you should be able to choose your instrument with the instrument selector.

that's all. have fun!