PADmin v.0.2.6

P-ADmin and the old preset administrator [pad] v.0.4.0 are now compatible.

be aware that presets may break in the future. read more about on:


- stores 1 preset file with different instruments
- loads patches if they aren't already open (this feature works just if creator is open).
- uses much less code and simpler code than older system

- somehow i had to load a preset 2 times in order to load it correctly with qseq2
- sorry it's a general problem , not related to qseq2, for now you have to load a preset twice in order to load the instruments and the patches

create a preset:
activate instruments with the toggles on the left. then type a new preset name into a symbol on the right. done!

overwrite an existing preset:
use the red bang on a row with an existing presetname.

load a preset:
simply hit on the green bang of an existing preset. (do it twice for the moment if you use qseq2)