i am not able to say, what oxygen exactly is. the core of the code is a failed attempt to make a saw-waveform in pd.
oxygen is pseudo-polyphonic somehow. it plays chords consisting of four single tones. but the concept is not to control every tone separately, but to have six instances. in each instance you can change all settings independently from the other instances. like this you can create six completely different sounds. of course you only can trigger one instance at the time.

you can trigger each instance by sending a bang to [s oxy1]...[s oxy6]. if you use oxygen with the qseq2-sequencer, oxygen will appear in the instrument-selector of qseq2 as oxy1...oxy6.

with the first three sliders you can manipulate the timbre of the sound. the next group of sliders controls the amplitude envelope. when duration time elapsed, then release takes action.

in the next section you set the pitches of the four oscillators, for each oscillator one radio to set the tone, one to set the octave. there is no possibility to mute a tone yet.

with the bang near the symbol-box, you can route the outgoing signal of oxygen to the fx's. (you need to run mx to use this).

the next bang and the radio are for prelistening purposes. select the instance with the radio and trigger it with the bang.

the symbol-boxes at the bottom are used to load or save presets.

may of interest:
splitted presets

usefull with:
qseq2 sequencer (necessary)
mx mixer


unzip it into your netpd-directory

added by roman