Configure netpd's default settings.


your nickname as shown in chat

say hello

your welcome message that is sent when your chat connects to the server

IP / hostname

IP address or hostname of the server you want to connect to. The default is


listening port of the server, usually 3025.

connect at start

Configures whether netpd automatically connects to the server at startup

DSP on at start

Configures whether DSP is automatically turned on at startup.

dynamic DSP-off

Configures whether automatic switching DSP off during certain operations is enabled. Certain operations like loading instruments or effects in mx require Pd's DSP graph to be recompiled. This takes time and is often a cause for audio drop-outs. Some operations even trigger a recompilation many times. In order to avoid that, turning this on turns DSP off during operation like loading instruments. This minimizes drop-outs since DSP is recompiled only once, when it is turned on again. With certain audio backends Pd disconnects the audio card when turning DSP off. With such backends, this option might have adverse effects.

audio latency

Configures the measured audio roundtrip from soundcard input to output. The actual value depends on your audio settings and is used to synchronize audio input with generated audio.


Any modifications take effect immediately. However, the current configuration is only saved when this button is clicked. The preferences are stored in netpd/netpd-preferences.cnf. If it exists, this file is read by chat at startup.