netpd gui abstrhacked
thought's and test patches for an extended gui, netpd-skins, experimental netpd versions

"new" netpd
toughts and todo-list for the "new" netpd

an overview of planned changes. please add new desired features for netpd or netpd-patches.

a list of known bugs for netpd and netpd-patches.

hopefully not growing list of known netpd problems.

run netpd on osx
how to start netpd...

idea about how to use presets in a more sophisticated way.

server based netpd
many of the problems that netpd momentanously has, are derived from its client-based structure. what improvements can be done with a complete new concept?
(in german)

mx in spe
the mx is an important part of netpd and still in progress. at the moment there are about 3 different version in use. this discussion is going to find a solution for all related problems.
(in german)

[netpd in cvs]?
advantage and disadvantages... ?

the netpd experience
discussion about some central aspects of netpd usage. (german)

discussion/development area for a netpd-ized compact composer / a Music Making Machine (german)

netpd on intelmac
some tests. out of date! everything should now work fine.

future of state saving
let's get rid of the old pad / p-admin mess and define the new system.