Beware of the lilac poison!

lilacid is the challenger of the famous tb303 synthesizer. it is a simple monophonic synth, which is triggered by the sequencer-abstraction jamx. the oscillator section (switchable between bandlimited square and saw) is followed by a peakfilter, whose frequency and q are controlled by signals (built with only internals! have a look at the [peakfilter~]-abstraction, if you are interested to use it yourself). the filter section in turn is followed by an overdrive section, which creates that typical scratchy sound.
many of the parameters can be automated by jamx' controlers, which are recommended to be used in order to get the full potential of lilacid's sound.

useful with:
master masterclock
mx mixer

(comes with jamx, the sequencer-abstraction by eni)

unzip it into your netpd-directory

added by roman