instrument to mixer

send an instrument output to the first 2 inlet~ of i2mx. third optional inlet is to switch~ i2mx~ in order to save cpu.

M (mute), S (solo) and PS (private-solo) output a zero to switch~ the instrument off.
[i2mx~ $0 mysynth]

- replace [dac~] with [i2mx~ $0 patchname]
- create [pd abslist]? in your patch with [i2mx~(

using i2mx internal netpd-fx (optional):
- create a level slider with using i2mx~ internal netpd-fx send name.level receive name.level-r 0 - 1
- same for pan just create a slider with send name.pan receive name.pan-r -1 - 1
- 0 - 1 for aux 1 - 3
send name.sa1 receive name.sa1-r
send name.sa2 receive name.sa2-r
send name.sa3 receive name.sa3-r

added by Enrique Erne