I got annoyed with the chat system (no spaces) in netpd, so I made a little shell script that replaces spaces, and sends what you type to the chat window.

This is only for linux people (or mac, if they have bash and the command-line tool pdsend, i'm not sure if they do) Maybe, eventually, I will write this in pd, so everyone can use it (no external script.)

This is not really a finished thing, just a quick hack. it should demonstrate how to use the chat window in python (maybe even in a wxwindows gui or something...) or any other scripting language, with simple pdsend/receive. I find it useful, but you may not.

To use it, copy the contents of the attached file into your netpd folder (_chat.pd has a small addition.)

edit the pdchat.sh file to suit you.

You can uncomment the pdreceive line to get all text from the chat, but this annoyed me (it would linebreak while I was typing) so now I just use the chat window to read the chat. It has my name "konsumer" in it. This is just a label, but you can change it.

open my _chat.pd file in pd

run shell script.

Anything you type will show up in the chat window.