The Fat Ass
It's an emulation of a vintage fat synthetizer based on creb externals.
This synth use bandlimited oscillators:
2 sawtooth with hardsync.
and a pulse with pulse width modulation for every oscillators.
It has 2 oscillators with mode selection (saw/pulse).
It has a resonator filter too emulating the minimoog filter (from Robert Moog).
The filter can be controlled by an envelope (from 0 to 1 using the formula final_env=env*env).
The amplietude it's controlled by another envelope and from the first parameter of jamx.
The second parameter of jamx it's the portamento time.

Abstraction list:

Externals list:
blosc~ (from creb external)
resofilt~ (from creb external)
Download version 1.0.2:

Download creb externals (copiled for intel pentium 4):
for all OS: resofilt~.pd help
linux external: creb.pd_linux (copy this files on [pd-dir]/extra version 0.9.0 comment by roman
windows external: creb.dll (version 0.3.0; does not include the necessary objs [resofilter~] [blosc~]) comment by roman

Download creb externals sourcecode (for other processors):

Patch by dondo (2006)