How can I change my name?

Check the chat documentation.

Can I play my guitar?

Yes, you can use evil for live audio input.

Can I use my Yamaha DX-7 with netpd?

Does it have MIDI? You could use it as midi-controller. You could build
something like pcr-30 for it.

Why do I get warnings from my firewall?

Pure Data runs separate DSP and GUI processes which communicate through
a network socket over localhost. Make sure your firewall allows this

What concern should I have about netpd's security issues?

Consider it insecure and read about security

Can I use samples in netpd?

Yes, there is [netpd_sample]? abstraciont that synchronizes an audio
sample between clients. Check simplesample as example instrument
that makes use of audio sample.

Can I use netpd offline?

Sure. When you're not connected to a server, you still can do everything
without interference from other people.

Are there other "rooms" to not disturb anyone while jamming?

netpd has (yet) no concept of rooms. All clients connected to the same
server are in the same "room". However, it's easy to run many servers
on different ports.

Can I change an existing instrument and increase the version tag?

Technically, yes. It would be polite to ask the original author for
consent, though. You could also give your version of the instrument a
different name.

I'm rich and I love netpd. How can i support the project?

I don't know

A patch I want to port to netpd uses an external that isn't included in any standard Pd flavour. Can i still port it?

Yes, but it is unlikely the instrument will work out of-the-box for
other people. When everyone has the external installed, it is no problem.

I recorded a great song with netpd. Can I upload it somewhere?

There are tons of sites for publishing audio material. If you really want,
you can put it to the list of recorded sessions. Ask Roman
to do it for you.