dynlib is a still growing collection of dynamic processing effects. they are built to be used in mx as insert-fx.

added by roman


rcomp is a basic downward compressor. its control chain is processed in audio rate.
a meter and display can be enabled with the toggle


rlimit is a very basic, but fast limiter. it is able to look ahead in order to limit even very fast transients, of course on cost of a delay of 88 samples (2ms).
by setting the threshold-level, the gain-level is set accordingly the other direction. the maximum output amplitude can be set by the out ceiling slider


zcomplim is a combination of a compressor with a following limiter based on zexy's [limiter~].
ratio and threshold are parameters to control the compressor part. there is no attack, it has a fixed attack-time of 2ms for both. hold and release are also for both, compressor and limiter. the limiter part is the same as in zlimit.
when doing strong compression, it could be that the output amplitude is far below the value of out ceiling!


zlimit works the same as rlimit, but it is based on the [limiter~]-object of zexy.