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In order to run netpd, you need to have Pd >= 0.45 and some externals installed.

NOTE: Pd-extended is not maintained anymore. netpd only supports the vanilla Pure Data.
NOTE: netpd does not work with Pd-L2ork, because it introduced incompatibilities with vanilla Pd.

Since Pd 0.47 externals can easily be installed through the menu 'Help' -> 'Find Externals'. You need the following


Download netpd from the download section. The client software and the
instruments are hosted separately. If you want to make music right away using pre-built
instruments, pick the bundle.
Unpack the archive to any location you have write privileges. That's it


  • On most operating systems you can simply double-click the patch chat.pd.
    It launches Pd and opens a chat window that automatically connects to the
    netpd server.
    Click 'list' to get a list of currently connnected users.

  • Click the unpatch button in chat to launch the unpatch instru-
    ment manager. If there is already a session going on, the instru-
    ments used in the ongoing session are automatically loaded (they
    are first downloaded from other users, if necessary).

  • Load instruments with unpatch by clicking the square button next
    to the 'netload instrument' label. Browse to netpd/instruments and pick
    an instrument (if your netpd/instruments directory is empty, you need
    to get some instruments first. Read above).
    Alternatively, just type the name of the instrument (without the
    extension .pd) into the symbol box and hit enter.

  • Play an instrument by clicking its name in unpatch. The instru-
    ment's GUI pops up and you can now manipulate the instrument
    at your will. Beware other users are able (and supposed) to
    manipulate the instrument to their will as well.

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