d-arrhoea is a vintage style synth. It has 3 oscillators with 5 waveforms (sawtooth, hexagonal, triangle, sine, variable pulse width square). It has a sample and hold with 5 waveforms too. Every oscillator can be assigned to sample and hold or sample and hold modulator and to a ring modulator. All the oscillators can be sended to the phase modulation of another oscillator with the possibility to feedback the oscillators.
feedback example: A-->B-->A or A-->B-->C-->A.
the phases of the oscillators can be free or linked. what is phase link? it's the possibility to reset the phase of every oscillator on note-on messages with a variable delay for every oscillator that determine a statical phase difference between oscillators.
The envelope is an ADSR with variable curvatures. So the ramps generated can be linear or curved like some expensive vintage synths from '70s and '80s.
the d-arrhoea has an lfo with variable frequency assignable to filter frequency and ring modulation frequency.
the filter is a low-pass/high-pass filter in parallel with a band-pass filter of second order with a crossfader to fade from low-pass to high-pass. The inertia of filter is how many time (in ms) to ramp a filter parameter up or down.
The output of the synth is sent to 3 different channels on the mixer mx: oscillators, sample and hold, ring-modulator.
It use jamx as sequencer and pad for the preset management. It's also controllable by d-sturb.

usefull with: jamx, pad, d-sturb, mx

download version 0.1.5 here

patch added by dondo (2006)