qseq2 maintains a list of things that can accept bangs, but this list is not available to other sequencers. So I created a new patch, connectivity.pd, that handles lists of things that can accept bangs, floats, signals.

If you want a bang input in your thing, create a [cx-ib name-of-thing-input], similarly for float (f instead of b) and signal (~ instead of b). Pd gets confused if you use the same name-of-thing-input in different types of IN, so don't do that - a nice naming convention is to use name<b name<f name<~.

Now, to connect to the [cx-ib], you can create an [cx-ob], which has a GOP gui for choosing which [cx-ib] to connect to. Similarly there is [cx-of] and [cx-o~], the following holds for all of them. You need to give [cx-ob] etc the parent's $0 (or whichever patch has the [netpd-x $0]) as 1st argument, and a name as 2nd argument, which is used to synchronize multiple [cx-ob]'s with the same name, even in different instances of Pd (which is the whole point of netpd, right?). A nice naming convention is to use name>b name>f name>~

Each [cx-ib] etc has an outlet that sends the data received, and each [cx-ob] has an inlet that passes data on to the selected [cx-ib].

The need for a name for OUT is new in version 0.0.2. In 0.0.3 the file names were changed to work better with netpd. In 0.0.4 the arguments changed and the files were all renamed to start with "cx-", along with lots of other changes, see the README in the tarball for full details. In 0.0.5 detection (by polling) of senders ([cx-ob] etc) was added to reduce the number of error messages when receivers ([cx-ib] etc) are deleted.


connectivity-0.0.1.tar.gz - proof of concept, do not use this version
connectivity-0.0.2.tar.gz - not working with netload, do not use this version
connectivity-0.0.3.tar.gz - incompatible with 0.0.4, do not use this version
connectivity-0.0.4.tar.gz - less feature-rich than 0.0.5
connectivity-0.0.5.tar.gz - current version

Screenshot of connectivity-example.pd in connectivity-0.0.4: