[netpd-cd1] dub area

  • 1# anfang februar
  • 2# backup blues
  • 3# r_egosession2
  • 4# samuels 2te session
  • 5# samuels 2te session
  • 6# 50cm schnee
  • 7# netpd@synapse radio kanal k
  • 8# samrom snm1
  • 9# samrom snm1
  • 10# aaah, i'm so stupid that i crashed this one!
  • 11# ---------------
  • 12# groar

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mp3 (all tracks in a single file)

netpd-cd1_dub_area.mp3 (73MB)

wav-files in a zip

netpd-cd1_dub_area.zip (648MB)

cd-cover (front and back) as tif

netpd-cd1_dub_area_frontcover.tiff (100kB)
netpd-cd1_dub_area_backcover.tiff (185kB)


the compilation was mixed using final scratch playing mostly mp3-files (not the original wav-files). due to that fact and that netpd generally sounds glitchy and scratchy sometimes, the sound quality of this compilation is not always the best.