any known bug/problem should be noted here.


pd-netpd-win32.zip download

patches directory missing. the same file on osx shows the patches directory. maybe a bug of the zip-application?

eerne: sounds familiar. an easy fix would be to place 1 files into netpd/patches... readme.txt or a netpd patch

In Windows, be careful to not use hash character in file or folder names


it seems that there is a problem with all netpd/tut and netpd/doc patches. do they need declare as well?

roman : oh, yes... since last big change, patches with netpd-abs work only inside creator. unfortunately i don't quite know right now, how to deal with it. adding a [declare] for each patch seems ugly to me and not easy to maintain. i think i'll just use [../abs/netpd-absname] instead [netpd-absname].

eerne : i propose 1 single [declare -path ../abs] in every netpd/tut and every netpd/doc patch, because to me renaming every object to [../abs/netpd-absname] is ugly

btw: do we loose right-click Help on netpd-abs?

filenames with uppercase letters

it seems that automatically downloaded abstractions with upper case letters get converted to lower case ones with the result, that the patch using them can't find them in the abs-folder.

workaround: give abstractions names with only lower case letters.


the iemlib link points to a version from 2001.




crashes netpd if length of a latchcycle is too long. it seems, that it sometimes records a latchcycle without having pressed the assigned key, which will lead to a network traffic jam, as soon the key is pressed. sometimes this even crashes the server....


it uses [mtx] which is an alias to [matrix] that doesn't work on pd-extended. (you first have to instantiate [matrix] before [mtx] can be instantiated) thus all [mtx] should be replaced by [matrix].

eerne: which pd-extended? i tested with pd-039-extended i could load [mtx] without first instantiated [matrix]. with pd-040-extended-20071026 neither worked, [import iemmatrix] didn't help, only declare works.



closing an instrument should close all i2mx instances... i.e. [ddrum]?, [a-drumkit]?


when loading e-rwo or changing its parameters, a stack overflow is triggered.

fixed here http://netpd.org/eni/lib-e/abs/e-rwo.pd


when reaching the end of instrument list with instrument selector, list seems to get erased and only no_instr appears. ev. bug in zexy's msgfile?

roman : this problem was at least introduced with the change of zexys version from 2.1 to 2.2.0 . so it is definitely related to a changed behaviour of a zexy object.


fixed since: netpd_gui_abstrhacked_II.tgz