bassist is monophonic synthesizer based on the purest waveform, a sine. with the boesartigkeit slider you can adjust the curve on the right. the more boesartigkeit you give, the more will bass_new sound like a square wave (i think this is called waveshaping). you can also draw the curve manually. this might sound like the bassist is playing on a broken amp.
with the detune slider you can detune the pitches between the left and the right oscillator (using this feature creates a non-mono-compatible sound). no detune is the default (slider fully on the left).

bassist uses the built-in sequencer-abstraction jamx. just click on [jamx] in bassist to open the sequencer-window. in jamx you can set the number of control-sliders for each tone. bass_new uses two. the first controls the amplitude of each tone. it affects the sound before it passes the waveshaping-section, so different values will result in different timbres. the second-control slider controls the decay of the amplitude. there are no other controllers for the amplitude envelope yet (attack is always 0).

for a more detailed description of jamx, see:

usefull with:
master masterclock (necessary)
mx mixer

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