netpd @ LAC 2013

netpd was presented at the Linux Audio Conference 2013 in Graz.
Download the paper as PDF.

netpd v2.1 released

Release date: 2013-03-10
Changes include:
  • Improved reliability of finding a sync peer (breaks compatibility with v2.0)
  • Added non-blocking until [netpd-nb-until]
  • Turning DSP off on dynamic creation is now a configurable option (see chat's preferences)
  • Prevent errors when checking for non-existing files (adds more dependencies, though)
  • Automatically load unpatch by cmdline option (useful for -nogui)
  • Turn on/off printing of all incoming and outgoing OSC message with cmdline option
  • Turn on/off state messages for testing and debugging with cmdline option


netpd is a CRNMME (Collaborative Realtime Networked Music Making Environment)
built in Pure Data. It allows many users to have a realtime
jam sessions with each other, connected over the net.
Users might contribute their own netpd-ized patches a.k.a. instruments
or use pre-existing ones. The set of patches, as well as the state of
each is synchronized between clients in order to provide identical
experience for every connected user.

From a technical perspective the whole netpd framework pursues two goals:

netpd was designed with music in mind, but it might serve well also
other purposes, where realtime state synchronization is a requirement.